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INNERON was established to focus on delivering the best fuel technologies to our customers. By combining expertise in both fields, we help our customers improve their engine performance, reduce downtime as well as solving complex fuel problems.


Through intensive research collaboration with major industry players in Indoensia, we have become one of the first in the country to successfully create solutions for biodiesel issues in mining industry.



INNERON also aims to solve problems of the future. In effort to tighten pollutant thresholds as well as to improve sustainability, various governments have aggressively pursued the use of ULSD, biodiesel, and bioethanol, each with its own unique challenges. Our technologies can help our customers solve their fuel problems.



Deliver operational, commercial and sustainable transformations to our customers through innovative fuel and lubricant technologies


Become a thought leader in fuel technology, driven by investment in research, human resource, and technology.

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