Carbon Monitoring

Effective reduction of carbon footprint requires accurate measurement with tools that are fit for purpose and should not come at a high cost. We help you manage the transition from brown to green.

Fuel Technology

Our fuel technologies serve the aviation, mining, marine, oil & gas industries. We provide complex formulations to solve challenges such as biodiesel stability and gelling issues, bioethanol performance issue, as well as improve sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.


Our engineer will conduct regular site visit to monitor operation conditions and report on opportunities to improve operation.

Fuel analysis monitoring program will ensure fuel quality adhere to the proper specification as well as provide insights to opportunity for improvement.

Special monitoring tools can be employed to measure carbon footprint at each part of the supply chain.

We provide purpose-built equipment to assist and improve customers’ operation. For details, please contact us.

Our Promise

Simple Solution

Keep it simple. We tailor our solution to every unique challenge to be as simple, cost-effective, and sustainable as possible.


Our distribution network ensures on-time delivery to our customers, as well as fast response for emergency requirement.

Ongoing Support

We offer continuing support, training, and access to new technology as a form of commitment to all our customers.

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